Trading One Addiction for Another is Not Recovery —

As many of you know, I have a sister site, where I offer advising services to those who have pornography addiction issues and their partners or family who are trying to learn and cope with the situation. I’ve done this for about a year now and after working with many people, I’m seeing a trend […]

via Trading One Addiction for Another is Not Recovery —

“Josh is right! Addiction is an addiction is an addiction.

Does not matter the Preference like alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, etc., the “Cycle” and Bad “Habits, Behaviors, Selfishness, and Poor Choices we make within Any addiction are the same. That is just some of the WORK that is needed to gain long-term Recovery!”


2 thoughts on “Trading One Addiction for Another is Not Recovery —

  1. I think almost all of us who have addictive tendencies are at risk of simply switching one addiction for another, especially under stress. It’s important to understand the unmet needs and faulty beliefs that drive an addiction … otherwise we can get trapped in the constant cycle of always being addicted to something (even if it’s a less destructive addiction).

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    • Agreed Ann. But feel ALL addictions are destructive …and while working a recovery path, learning to break “The cycle” is one area that needs to be diligent. Once you learn and understand how the cycle, you begin to live in peace and work other areas of recovery. I don’t live IN Recovery, I Live Life while managing my disease of gambling addiction ✔✨💕 Cat

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