How Can You Benefit From a Life, Relationtion, and Spiritual Coach? Award-Winning Author, Maureen Scanlon Shares How and Through Her Book Too!

TODAY is all about Ms. Life Coach Maureen Scanlon! If you have maintained recovery long-term? Here is how she can help you continue to move forward while Living Your BEST LIFE …She coaches me and has been a tremendous help and why you need her Coaching You!

Catherine Lyon, Advocate and Author

Cat Lyon's Reading Den



What is a Lifecoach and Why Do I Need One?



The most common question I am asked is, “What is a Life coach?”

As a fairly new career “title”, there is much speculation about the effectiveness of Life Coaching. To add to the confusion, there are so many different niches in this category: Health, Business, Spiritual.

In our everyday lives, we encounter much of the same things as everyone around us. We are all trying to “do something” or “overcome” something.


Here are the most common phrases I hear when clients contact me:  

“I haven’t accomplished what I want”
“I’m just not happy with my life and need to find joy”
“Something happened and it’s affecting everything in my life”
“I feel stuck”
“I’m overwhelmed and can’t focus”
“Everyone tells me I should…”
“I want to make a change…

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