The Willingness To Try Something Different

I have followed Magz for sometime when my blog was “Gambling Recovery Starts Now” as, toward the end of my gambling addiction, I began to abuse alcohol. So I don’t DO EITHER. Magz shares so much HOPE as she shares he Sobriety!! Love Ya Magz!!
Cat Lyon

Sober Courage

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Often, in early sobriety life may feel sort of dull, boring and absolutely blah at times. Alcohol seemed to have had a powerful effect on creating things superficially exciting for us. Sometimes alcohol gave us the invigorating reward feeling for living this super hard life. Many of us had romantic thoughts about the glamorous drinking days, and how everything felt so spontaneous and exciting when we were drinking. Once drinking is no longer a part of life, it may take some time for the fun activities to have the same exhilarating effect.

This can be one of the hardest parts of the changes in sobriety. In fact, it was so hard for me that I was clinging to it for many years!

Unfortunately, my need for a return to thrill-seeking and escape had often led me right back to drinking. I attempted to hang…

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