Glowing BookLife Critic’s Report for “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am” by Our Featured Award-Winning Author, Maureen Scanlon, and More News!

Need an amazing Life Coach if you are in long-term recovery?
Meet Maureen Scanlon! She is my MINE… Catherine

Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den


“Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den and Lyon Media Services are Excited to Announce Our Featured Self-Help Author and Popular Life and Happiness Coach, Maureen Scanlon will be appearing at the Barnes and Noble in Tempe, Arizona!”

Barnes and Noble be hosting a book signing event for our award-winning author who is the founder and CEO of  Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. Not only is Maureen a multi-award-winning author, but she is also an expert life coach, a motivational speaker for both business and recovery events and conferences, while she successfully helps many become comfortable with change, learn personal growth, and gain a positive outlook for a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

One way she accomplishes this is through here unique and fun book release of “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am”which just received an amazing BookLife Prize…

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