Press Release: Congrats To Author, Maxwell Ivey Jr. Who’s Been Awarded 4-Stars & Book Review From Readers Favorite.

I am sharing this GOOD NEWS here on my recovery website about a dear friend and fellow author Maxwell Ivey is because not does he support my literary side, he has always supported my Recovery!

Catherine Lyon, Advocate/Author

Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den

I couldn’t be more excited to share this news for my dear friend and fellow critically acclaimed Author, Max Ivey known as “The Blind Blogger & Poscast Host of “What’s Your Excuse.” He began writing a travel series with the first book titled, “The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures” + How you can make your dreams come true.

He has now just released book two of the series titled, “The Blind Blogger’s First Speaking and Signing Adventures + How you can conquer your fears. See, Max never let’s his disability of no sight which happened when he was 12-years-old. Yes, it may take him more planning when he needs to travel, but he has such a inspiring desire to accomplish his life and career goals that he goes full board when he sets his mind to it!

So, I’m excited to share I helped Max with submitting his…

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