“A Call To Action For A Dear Friend Loved By Many, Deborah Palmer” . . .

Hello Friends, Readers, Blogger, and New Visitors,

Many of you know I have a Big Heart when it comes to my friends, and an even bigger heart when a friend is in need. So I’m coming to ask the help of all my ‘Cyber Friends’ for a little help and “Kindness.’  My dear friend, who many of you may know by her wonderful blogs here on WordPress, DeBorah Palmer and her blogs, A Call To Witness, Deborah Palmer ~ http://acalltowitness.com

and her blog: http://dancingpalmtrees.com/tag/deborah-ann-palmer/
DeBorah Ann Palmer | Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit . . .

As we all know Mental/Emotional Health problems can be a beast at times. Things can go wrong with even the strongest of people. So I found out my BFF, my beautiful Ebony Queen, who lives in Brooklyn, New York was in the Kings County Hospital Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency, and was entered in the crisis center due to severe bipolar depression. She was there for 2 weeks. Yes, those of us who have these daily challenges, no matter how well we take care of ourselves can still have times of crisis . . . .

Two weeks her employer now won’t pay her sick leave for. As we all know, many of us live pay check to check, so she desperately needs our help for rent and food for this month and next. I have sent by PayPal what I could, but she needs more ‘kind help from others.’

Our state mental health laws for employers NEEDS TO CHANGE.
I understand her emergency as this happened to me in 2006 when my bipolar meds stopped working, and I ended up in the same situation. I tried suicide for the second time, that was how bad I got. So I know just what Deborah is going through.

Makes your Heart Feel Good to Help Others. . . .
So if you can find in your heart to be help, and to be of recovery service to a someone in need of our collective help, and Deborah has been a huge support in my own recovery, as she to is in long-term recovery. We as a large community can be of help to her in her time of need, financially and caring and understanding. Having compassion for others like myself and Deborah who battle bipolar depression, having real friends who understand and care means SO MUCH!!!

Her are 2 ways you can help my beautiful friend, Deborah Palmer today!

If you have a PayPal account like she does? You can Email your financial support to her through PayPal, which is the easiest to do. Email it to:
deborah.palmer280@gmail.com  Deborah Le Raconteur-Palmer
OR, by mail to:

DeBorah Le Raconteur -Palmer
Her home address is:
59 Somers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233

Now those who know me know I wouldn’t ask for your help. But DeBorah has been there for me,  and many of us bloggers by sharing what we write and share on our blogs.

So lets all band together, and lets show a friend in an emergency HOW MUCH WE CARE!!
Thanks, and may God Bless You All Friends  . . . . .

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