*I’m An Open Book For All The Recovery World To See*

I recently became a contributor to a Recovery News Blog at a Wonderful, ALL TYPES of Addiction Support site I’m a member of for a while now called & Link: http://recoverysocialnet.com ……..This really is a Great Support website for any who need support, caring, and fantastic members who are there to lift each other up! *Jesse Logue* runs this great website, and is an awesome GUY if I say so myself!

He really cares for everyone. He just started the Recovery News to keep us informed of all the goings on in The Addiction and Recovery community. I happen to make a post their today,  just a bit more of what my Gambling addiction was like. So I thought I’d *SHARE* the Post on my blog as a Reminder of Where I’ve been, and how far I come in my 6+yrs in recovery. OF course, you can also read MY whole life Story…LOL….

In my New eBook form of   “Addicted To Dimes”(Confessions of a liar and a Cheat), in which I share with the WHOLE WORLD my dirty little secrets!…..LOL….Which are no secret NO MORE…..That’s OK with ME, as long as it may HELP others who still SUFFER from any Addiction!  Below is how you can purchase my eBook or the paperback! For each book & download sold, YOU Supporting me & others in RECOVERY!  THANK YOU & Blessings! *Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon*
http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485/    Product Details

****MY Today’s Post On *Recovery Social Network*****

way to live.

                                 Comment by Catherine Lyon 21 minutes ago           

Welcome! And very powerful *SHARE**
I truly can relate to your words. When I first tried in vain to start and stay in recovery in 2000 until 2006, I to had been in and out of treatment, and GA, and gambled, and get months recovery time, then relapse, then try again, it was like ANOTHER whole *CYCLE*  of its OWN besides the never-ending *CYCLE of my gambling addiction.!

My addiction to over my LIFE, lost friends, family, faith, god, money, jobs, almost my 24yrs marriage and my Life! 2 addiction/crisis center stays, VIA the hospital from 2 attempted suicide attempts because I could not stop!!

Then finally I gave in and let go, and let GOD! I was on my knee’s praying and asking either LET ME DIE…..or Let me HAVE RECOVERY???……Well…it took awhile, I finally surrendered to the fact that Gambling was killing me, and anything GOOD in my life.

But, it came with a PRICE,  see, I had not been working my recovery in ALL AREA’S, and got in a pinch financially, and all those OLD HABITS & and Diseased Thinking came back, and of course, my POOR CHOICE TO STEAL from someone. They pressed charges, I was arrested, and did a bit of jail time, 2yrs probation, a LOT of $$$ restitution, AND I WASN’T EVEN GAMBLING!!, but I had not WORKED HARD ENOUGH in my recovery on my *Thinking Habits, behaviors, and choice* process in recovery. SO…YOU can have problems if you don’t work on and USE ALL the Skills & Tools we learn in Treatment, in 12-Step programs, or Therapy, what ever you choose to help you in you recovery journey.

I worked with an addiction specialist for a year, and he taught me the Importance and broke down the *CYCLE* of addiction piece by piece. And the importance of a Relapse PLAN…..SO…..even though I had clean recovery time before my Criminal – Court sentencing date, I use my sentencing date of…1-29-2007 as my Recovery clean Date, SO I WILL never get *Complacent* in my Recovery again. That is how I strung along 6+yrs recovery time. ODAAT…………God Bless all, Catherine 🙂 🙂


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