*Everyday Recovery Ramblins with Pic’s & Words*

**I Love to write….Never said I was very GOOD at it…….but it is MY way of being able to Express Myself. When I was a young teen, I loved writing Poetry, then I started a Diary. Back then I was suffering from undiagnosed Depression, I remember I’d Isolate myself a lot. I’d go in my bedroom, put my ear phones on, put on my *FAV* record on and dream away to some other place then where I was……..then I’d start writing. I was able to put all of what I was feeling on Paper.

Feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere,  I felt Different then others, I didn’t feel *Pretty or Skinny* enough, or even good enough for my parents to say, “We  are proud of you Catherine”……..which I only heard from my mother before she passed away August, 2003……is it because her 10yrs of her passing coming closer have me thinking of these things????………

I don’t know…….but I did hear those words from her lips, and my *HEART* almost burst open!! We had a very turbulent relationship through the years, but I always Loved Her no matter of all the hurt and pain, the ugly words at times between her and I. ALL OF THIS was just Fuel for my Addicted Gambling Addiction when all those *Ugly* pains and memories resurfaced in my Life.

Today…….I make my own happiness within my Recovery & Life’s Journey…….and of course, the *LOVE* of my Husband Tom, who never gave Up on ME in the Worst of my Ugly Addiction!

Yes…….TODAY….I have, and am Blessed for my SUCCESS! ODAAT~ *Praise God*

**TRUE & TRUE in Recovery ~~ It is always *ONE DAY AT A TIME* And if you do step work like I do, they NEED to be reworked again and again as YOU grow and change in your Recovery Journey……………………….

 **IT’S Best to not Judge, or call others OUT in their Recoveries, or surround one in Recovery with *STIGMA* of not being Normal until you WALK IN their SHOES!

Featured Image **FEEL & Appreciate the “FREEDOM,” Peace, Joy, and Serenity in your Recovery each and everyday!**

Featured Image
***Always have a sense of Humor, Faith, and Understanding. LIVE your Life & Recovery in the Moment!! Don’t miss a Single Second,  WHY…….Because after the *CRAZINESS* of Addiction, YOU deserve a Better Way Of Life, a 2nd Chance to DO SO, and DON’T let ANYONE tell you other wise!!****

**PLEASE BE BLESSED & Have a Great Week & 4th of JULY!!**


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