*SO FREAKIN WHAT~~ Others Build Them UP to Watch Them Fall ~ I Don’t Get It!! *


OK….is it JUST ME or do people need to GET A LIFE???
I don’t know about you, but….REALLY?……Who Cares?…..OK….. SO….She said a “Supposed Racial Word”……A word that has been a *Double Edged Sword* for ever…….and NOW…after ALL THE CRAP & Smudge that is on TV & The News……Everyone is acting like she said something we never……ever…..ever….Heard before???

Look, I get the whole uproar about the *N* word, I have a Kazillion ……HHHHMMM……let’s see……African American friends, and every time something like this happens, I say the same darn thing,……

“Look, you want all the same rights as all,  and WE ALL Should, then you can’t go using the *N word amongst you all, then say, NO ONE ELSE can use that word”????……. Enter…Double Edge Sword…….Stop hanging on to that one word……and then say only black folk can use it. *Not Fair.* It cause’s way to much Turmoil….*THE PAULA DEAN STORY*

I really don’t recall a WHITE person yelling….”LAWSUIT LAWSUIT”……because we were called White, Honkey, Or whatever. One person brought up a good point in his comment on this post, we have way to many PRESSING issues as Black Americans, hunger, peace, addiction, mental illness, and much more.

What happen to just being *HUMAN BEINGS*……Looking beyond one’s Color or race, one’s religion, who they vote for, if their GAY OR STRAIGHT??? Why can’t we just be KIND to one another and treat each other with GENEROSITY and RESPECT, No matter who or what color is on our skin????…….ISN’T THAT THE WAY IT WILL BE IN GOD’S KINGDOM???

That is the day I truly PRAY FOR……… WHEN WE WILL ALL BE AS ONE!!

Paula Deen

© AP/NBC — Paula Deen
Paula Deen uses Prop 8 ruling to seek partial dismissal of racial discrimination case
July 1, 2013, 5:20 PM EST

By Tim Molloy TheWrap

Paula Deen is pressing for the partial dismissal  of the lawsuit that has toppled her empire — and she’s using the Supreme  Court’s Proposition 8 ruling to do it.

Attorneys for Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers, contend that a woman suing  them on the grounds of racial discrimination, among other claims, doesn’t have  legal standing to file the claim because she is white.

In a filing Monday, the attorneys pointed to the Supreme Court’s ruling  in the Prop 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, in which the court said anyone suing  in federal court must have standing.

The attorneys contend that plaintiff Lisa T. Jackson cannot, as a white  woman, claim racial discrimination. They argue that the line of questioning that  led to Deen’s admission that she has used the N-word in the past shouldn’t even  have been part of the case.

It’s hard to imagine how the lawsuit could do more damage to Deen than it  already has — her N-word admission already cost Deen her relationship with the  Food Channel and half a dozen endorsement deals, and the planned publication of  a book has been canceled. Even if a judge agrees that the case should be  partially dismissed, that won’t undo the harm to Deen’s image.

But attorneys for Hiers and the restaurant he and Deen own are pressing  on.

Jackson has claimed that she was offended by racial slurs she heard while  working at the restaurant, and that she has “biracial nieces” whose father is  African-American. Because of this, she contends, “derogatory remarks regarding  African Americans are even more personally offensive to Ms. Jackson than they  would be to another white citizen.”

But the attorneys for Deen and Hiers contend that according to depositions in  the case, there was only one “biracial” niece, who was related to Jackson’s  partner. The niece was half Hispanic, not half African-American, and Jackson’s  partner has had no relationship with her in five years, according to the  defense.

Attorneys for the two sides did not immediately return calls for comment  Monday.

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