“Black Friday”~~ Brings out the “EVIL” in others, So why Bother?

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Visitors,

Just my “Thoughts & Opinions” about “Black Friday”……..


What ever happened to the “Good Ole Days” of HOLIDAY SHOPPING Past?
You know, where families gathered for a Thanksgiving meal, cooking the turkey and all the trimmings, watching a football game, or the family enjoying a game of Monopoly? I’ll tell you, it seems like a thing of the past. Now while people are gobbling down there thankful meal, they worry about getting to a “Black Friday” Door-Buster sale on Thanksgiving Eve.  How do you have a Black Friday special on Thursday? What does this look like?
Let me indulge you in Photo’s,………….


See, to me there are more Important Issues then getting trampled by ugly, mean, rude, shoppers.

I myself don’t really think the whole “HYPE” of Black Friday is that big of a deal. Is it worth getting hit, or verbally assaulted by another person? Is the $50 dollar savings on a New TV worth all the “EVILNESS” this event brings out in people? I ask these questions because of all the altercations between people, or Shoppers they seem to call themselves, and the abuse the poor store employees are taking via the news stations. I don’t think saving money on a gift for someone, or for yourself is worth getting arrested over. Or seeing a 70-year-old woman hurt, or another one getting a “Criminal Record” all for a shopping trip….REALLY?

See, this most likely would be ME!! Laid out on the floor with handcuffs on. WHY? Because I’m an Italian Woman! I have a loud voice, and I speak my mind. If I have something in my hand I found on sale, and some other person tries to take it from ME,…….They will NOT  WIN that battle! That’s another reason I don’t “DO BLACK FRIDAY”……..I don’t trust myself. Well, the other real reason? Since I suffer from Panic with agoraphobia, I’d most likely have a freaking panic attack, and pass out because of WAY to many crowds & people around boxing me in!

Then we also have the issue of all these hard-working employees who are forced  to WORK on Thanksgiving, so “Greedy Retailers” can gain more profits as they get to sit back, and actually ENJOY the HOLIDAY with their Families! I say what’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander-Employees! And then we have huge “Black Friday Protesters” added in this big mess, oops! MIX! 🙂

Demonstrators march and block traffic outside a Walmart store in Hyattsville, Maryland

A previous demonstration outside a Walmart store in Hyattsville, Maryland. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla

And not only do the employees have to work on Thanksgiving, many millions are still “Under Employed,” and working for crackers! So add another issue to the mix. These workers take these jobs because there are NO FT JOBS TO BE FOUND! My husband included. So, I guess my point to all this is,………………….

walmart protests I WON’T EVER DO A “BLACK FRIDAY” because it just doesn’t seem worth the time, the abuse, the crowds, the protesters, or a dollar saved. I’d rather go back to the “GOOD OLE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SHOPPING PAST”!

Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

6 thoughts on ““Black Friday”~~ Brings out the “EVIL” in others, So why Bother?

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  2. My brother Stephen and I boycott Black Friday. Today we spent quality sibling time together just vegging out and cocooning in the warmth of my home, watching old time movies. Instead of Black Friday we need to have Family & Friends Friday, a day to Fellowship with our Loved Ones. Perhaps churches and Temples could open so it would be a day of prayer and studying the scriptures. Or Temples and churches could take donations of food, clothing, Health and Beauty items for those living in Homeless shelters or on the streets. We must follow Jesus. No where in the Bible does it say that Jesus, His Family or the Disciples celebrate his Birthday. Jesus and His True Followers went out doing good for the community. Let us follow suit in whatever way that we can.


    • Yes Deborah, well said! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s what I shared in my THANKSGIVING POST yesterday, being of recovery service to others, and to others in this thing called “Life”……SHOW your “Christianity” through being “Kind Helpful” to others. Soon they will want what YOU have, Christ’s Love and Peacefulness. Giving with NO expectations, just Unconditionally. 🙂 Jesus went out to share the gospel of Truth & Love. *Cat*


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