Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,
I seen this on a friends blog: which got it from someone, who got it from
some famous guy. ANYWHO…..It is actually a Fun thing to do. When you read the Re-Blogg you’ll understand
where my “Tittle” of this blog post is from. HAVE A LITTLE FUN AND TAKE A PEEK AT YOUR 3 WORDS…
Here are the others who got it!….
*I took this from Al over at A Mixed Bag, who in turn took it from George Takei’s Twitter feed. What will be your three words?*



Is this REAL? I was shocked that these are the 3 words that “Showed” themselves!
Why? Because that pretty much sums up how I FEEL in my RECOVERY! How about YOU? What will YOUR 3 WORDS be for 2014?
I hope yours is as *AWESOME* as mine!

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

6 thoughts on “LOVE, HONESTY, FREEDOM……

      • Oh that will be cool. What are the books about?

        I will have a proper look at your blog tomorrow (1:30 am here at the moment so time for bed) lol

        Thank you


      • One is a follow-up to my 2st book out now. More Musings of Recovery, and in-depth insights of different topics like, Why Women who become addicted to gambling and gamble different from men.

        3rd book will be about Mental illness that I suffer from. Breaking the STIGMA, and give a :Personal Look into Daily Living and Challenges and a few more topics. There are plenty of “Clinical” book about these issues, but not enough “REAL” life stories and experience about these issues.

        It’s the only way I know how to Shatter the Stigma around those of us who suffer is to speak up and speak out. Nite Nite! And THANK YOU for stopping by!
        🙂 🙂 *Catherine*


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