“WHAT THE FRECK”? I Could Not Believe What I Read About My Good Friend Joe.”

Shame, Shame, Shame, ON BANK OF AMERICA, and it’s CEO, BRIAN MOYNIHAN…

I first want to say to my good friend JOE, always remember, I HAVE YOUR BACK! And YOU are not ALONE, as many do care including myself……*Cat*
Does this look familiar?

My dear recovery friends, supporters, and Welcome New Visitors. You will NOT believe what you are about to read. I met my new friend “Joe Mikos” on Twitter a while ago, and it had been a while since I last visited his awesome blog. He told me he just celebrated his 56th Birthday with his family, and had a “new blog post” about having his B-day “At the taco truck”!…..LOL…
I have to tell you, Joe has a *Beautiful Family* photo attached to his short post.  He is a very BLESSED man when it comes to his family.
While I was reading, I noticed another one of his blog posts that caught my eye, so I began reading it. I was SHOCKED as I read Joe’s story. I had NO IDEA what he had been through a few years back. Now your wondering, HOW does Bank Of America play into all this right?
Well, before I share his blog post, I have to say, and ashamed to confess that his story doesn’t surprise me, as I worked for Bank of America for a few years through my 20+ years in Banking, and only lasted about 3 1/2 years with them. I didn’t like the “direction” the bank was going with Customer Service at the time. They were going ALL automated, so I found a new job for a hometown bank. I’m appalled how they “Treated” this situation for my friend.
I think after you read his post here, you will most certainly agree….
My *HOPE* by sharing and Re-blogging his post and story here, that my good recovery readers, supporters, and visitors will re-blog his story on your blog, or just SHARE HIS BLOG LINK around your Social Media Sites to raise “AWARENESS” and hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone else! I ALSO HAVE A “WISH” attached to this as well,..THAT The “CEO, BRIAN MOYNIHAN, of Bank Of America somehow stumbles upon this blog post as I’m pretty sure he has NO IDEA this even happened to Joe, and “DO THE RIGHT THING” and fix what your bank did to another “Human Being” who was Fighting for his LIFE at the time. One of YOUR Branch’s really screwed up!…
Let me INTRODUCE you to a wonderful man with a “Beautiful Family,” Joe Mikos!

IMG_20120929_213108*We went to a local car show and then had tacos. Great birthday with my family*

Joe’s Blog Link: http://advocatemikos.com
His B of A Story Link:  Bank refuses over one hundred thousand dollars in donations for cancer patient: claims computer error

Joe’s Story Written In 2009 about what happened at Bank Of America……
“5 years ago, I was literally dying of an extremely rare form of leukemia. I was taking an experimental medication, which along with my other necessary prescription medications, were costing my family over $1,500.00 per month. I did not have insurance. The only cure for leukemia is a bone marrow transplant. My wife, Susan, was my full time caretaker as I was bedridden 95% of the time. On a good week, I could get out of bed and walk for between 5 – 10 hours/week. I was about to die in America at 47 leaving behind my wife, 37, our 3 children: Meco,8, Katie,7, and Josh, 5, and my daughter, Crystal, 22, simply due to the health care system that penalizes people with preexisting diseases making them uninsurable.

Finally, after months of suffering and misery, the Atlanta Journal Constitution agreed to publish my story. It was called “The Price of Life” by Gracie Bond Staples. Published on the front page of the Sunday living section in August 2004. At the end of the article, it pleaded “Anyone who wants to help keep Mikos alive” can make a donation at any branch of Bank of America. Five months prior to the article being published, Susan went to the bank and opened a special account called a benevolence account which accepts donations by name rather than account number. Every month, Bank of America sent a statement and charged a service fee.

When the article was published, my family learned just how ruthless and uncaring Bank of America is. The bank had made an internal computer error when opening the account that linked the name Joe Mikos to a closed account, so when the tellers tried to deposit donations, the account wouldn’t accept them. Upon the article being published, thousands of caring, generous people went to Bank of America to donate money and were turned away. Bank of America wouldn’t accept the contributions. We naively thought that the bank, whose slogan at that time was “One mistake in a million is too many,” would rectify the problem. That has not happen to date. What did happen was that the bank corrected their mistake on the account name too late. We were told by one executive not to worry because if people really wanted to donate money, they would try again. I don’t know what planet that man lives on, but here of earth, if you go into a bank to donate money and are told there is no account, you don’t ever go back to try again. Also another executive guaranteed me that I would never speak to the CEO, Ken Lewis. Although I tried dozens of times and ways, that guarantee came true because Mr. Lewis is so insulated from his customers it is impossible to speak to him.

All we wanted was for Bank of America to pay the Atlanta Journal Constitution to rerun the entire article along with an apology and request that people come back to the bank with their donation. The bank refused to honor our request because that meant publicly acknowledging a mistake. Instead, the bank eventually offered an insulting sum of money, $5,000.00, that would not even keep me alive for 4 months in return for a confidentiality agreement. Everyday, I lay in bed tortured by the fact that I wanted to fight the bank but physically unable to. A few weeks before Christmas 2008, I caved. My family was desperate for money. We couldn’t afford gifts for our children, rent, utilities, and food. So I hung my head and had Susan write an acceptance to the bank on their repeated offer to settle. And we waited, expecting to get the money. Instead we did not receive anything, not even a reply. I had to give my children I owe U’s as Christmas presents and while Bank of America was accepting billions of dollars in bailout funds.

I think Bank of America believes once again that it beat the little guy incapable of fighting back. And so far, they have. I still suffer every day of my life because I couldn’t have a bone marrow transplant. My family suffers each time I have to take my daily medicines, which cost over $70.00 per day. I suffer with the knowledge that the bank robbed me of the opportunity to be the father my children deserve, the husband my wife deserves, the ability to ever work and provide for my family, the organizations where I would have volunteered at, the children I would have coached. Instead I lay in bed slowly dying as my medical costs drive my family into bankruptcy and my only legacy is guilt at costing my children their future, clothes, activities, fun, vacations, cars, college just so I can lay in bed another day.

I was a type A person who started and ran several successful businesses. I was too proud and strong to ask anyone for help. Then I was too ashamed to admit I needed help. Now I just want to right the wrongs perpetrated against me. Anyone who wants to help me, I beg please help.”
I can be reached at 770-837-4435 or mikos.joe@gmail.com.
So please, take some time to go by Joe’s blog. Send him an Email of support, or just give him a call! I’m sure he would be happy to know that “He Truly isn’t ALONE.” You’ll find that Joe really is a caring guy, and he and his wife have been “Foster Parents threw CASA” and have helped shape the lives of over 70 young people and counting!
I just felt in my *HEART* I needed to pass on, and SHARE his story. I have written a letter to Mr. Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America, I shared Joe’s link all over Social Media, and sent a message to Brian by LinkedIn.com. HE NEEDS to know that one of HIS B of A Branch’s really dropped the ball on this one!….
YES, I know I’m only one person, but never give up trying to CHANGE THE WORLD one person at a time! Besides,  *ONE LUV=UNITY*

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

6 thoughts on ““WHAT THE FRECK”? I Could Not Believe What I Read About My Good Friend Joe.”

  1. Reblogged this on Mind Chatter and commented:
    This is a prime example of how a simple moment could save one person. Bank of America is so damned big, they have no connection with anyone: employees, customers, and as shown here, even beneficiaries of donations. What kind of man is this Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America?
    Please read and take some form of positive action, even if it is only a repost of this post.

    Peace & Love


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