Attitude Of Gratitude

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How can one be happy? Many studies have been conducted to determine what makes a person happy. It can be because of their family, relationships, friends, money, job, car or other material possessions. For me, one can truly be happy if he/she can adopt an attitude of gratitude.


Firstly, what is attitude? defines it as a manner,disposition,feeling,position,etc.,withregardtoapersonor thing;tendencyororientation,especiallyofthemind. And what is gratitude? It is thequalityorfeelingofbeinggratefulorthankful. So if you were asked the question, how many times have you been thankful for all the blessings that you have received? What would be your answer?


I believe being grateful for anything even the small things open up opportunities for even bigger things. I have never taken anything for granted since I’ve adopted this attitude. I’m thankful for everything that…

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