My Recovery Life: Fall Is Here and November Is Giving THANKS For Even The Little Things Life Brings. Here Is How…

My Recovery Life: Fall Is Here and November Is Giving THANKS For Even The Little Things Life Brings. Here Is How…

Fall is now in the air and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Sadly, it seems will be having a most unusual Holiday Season being in the middle of a pandemic still as it hangs around. We will also be spending more time indoors as colder weather will be approaching too, and since we already have learned how isolation can affect everyone, especially those of us who maintain recovery from addictions.

I thought I could share some of the new things I have learned from some of my recovery coach and other life and wellness coaches I know and have been incorperating them in my recovery lifestyle. Being willing to have an open mind and embrace something can sure have a positive impact and can also help relieve seasonal stress and anxiety.

I’d love for you to share some of the healthy things you may do as we enter into the fall season. We may just be able to help others together through this season as I look forward to any and all comments from my friends. Having gratitude for even the little things we do each day can a big impact in our lives …

1. Have Gratitude & Appreciation Each Day

Learn to journal and begin and end your day with appreciation. Write down at the end of the day how you felt all day. 

First, try waking up in the morning with an open mind to new impressions and opportunities. Like, before we dive into our phone, looking through texts, or on the internet, and social media, or even before watching the news, allow yourself to experience the peace of waking up in your bed and thinking about a few things you are truly grateful for.  

Feel the well-being and goodness that comes from appreciation, and then notice how your day unfolds when you have infused love into your mornings. End your day with gratitude. As you lay down to go to sleep, think back over things you are grateful for that day and other things you are thankful for in life. 

You will carry those positive thoughts and feelings into your sleep, where your subconscious will continue to experience the positive frequency of those thoughts throughout the night. It’s not uncommon to wake up the next morning feeling even better than usual and even more refreshed.

2. Find Your Peace and Freedom

A friend taught me about freedom cards. You can create a freedom card for “Peace.” Write peace on one side of the card with a mantra you create that brings you a peaceful feeling. On the other side of the card, draw an eye, ear, nose, mouth, hand, and then next to each, describe what peace looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like.

Then pick a song that brings you a feeling of peace, then memorize the card so that every time you hear that song, it anchors you to the feeling of peace. Let the peace fill your body; you can access this feeling whenever you want. 

3. Cooking Is Fun 

Learn and ask for thanks for your meals and be present with the experience and fun of cooking and eating. As you feel gratitude for your food and fill your diet with healthy and high vibrational foods, you will find it brings more energy and vitality and uplifts your mood.

4. Stay Social While Helping & Connecting With Others 

Reach out to friends and loved ones, especially anyone that raises your frequency. Everyone has an aura or vibe they give off, and while we aren’t always a hundred percent consistent with the energy we are giving out based on our emotional state, we can be aware of how we feel in the presence of others. When you feel amazing around them? Make more time for them! Those are who will keep you inspired and uplifted!  

Be a person who helps others soar and give out the energy you want to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want encouragement, be encouraging. If you want to laugh, tell a joke or talk about funny things that have happened. Even if you’re terrible at telling stories or jokes, you might be so bad at it that it’s actually funny.

5. Adjusting Your Goals

This may be a good time to reset or adjust your life and career goals to continue to move forward in both and instead of focusing on what you can’t do or what you can’t control. Ask, what can I do? How can I show up for others? How can I expand my business? What is the best thing for me to do right now? It’s the beauty of having life goals to set and reset at anytime!

6 Rest, Relax, Refresh

Naps can be an incredible way to refresh your mind and restore your peace. A great way to take a nap is with a short sleep guided meditation that really puts your mind at ease.

7. Clear The Mind 

Meditation was the most obvious tool to put on this list, so I put it here at number seven to keep your attention and not lose people reading this article! Meditation elicits an often strong impulse in people; they seem to love it or have every excuse not to do it. There is still some stigma and misconceptions when it comes to meditation, but you don’t have to do yogi on a mountain top to find the benefits of meditation. I suggest you keep it simple and have fun discovering meditation. 

You can even start with a five minute guided meditation and build your practice from there. This is about you, it’s about how you feel, and there is a type of meditation for just about everyone. One of my favorites techniques is Walking Mediation. Walking meditation can be light a nice smelling candle and focus on the flickering flame, listen to a river or rain, do transcendental meditation, movement meditation, and heck, you can even listen to Matthew McConaughey guide you through one on the Calm apps.

8. The Outdoors Brings Energy 

Getting out in nature is so healing to our energy. Even in a pandemic, you can wear a mask and go for a walk. Breathe in the fresh air or notice sunrise if you are an early riser, or notice the trees, birds, flowers, streams, squirrels, and beautiful sunsets …There is well-being all around us. Being out in it and feeling it, we become one with it.

9. Being Within Our Innerselves Can Bring Healing

While spending more time with ourselves, we experience our true essence. Yet, while diving deep within, we may uncover that we are holding onto a grievance. Maybe someone who wronged you or your holding resentments or anger is hard to release. Spend time with these feelings and understand that forgiveness frees you from your pain and gives you back your inner power. If it holds you in bondage? It continues to steal your power.

The same goes for when we are upset with ourselves for past decisions and choices. As we feel the hurt and choose to see the other person through a lens of love, knowing they must have been hurting by hurting you, we can ease the pain and allow the healing to come in. Love is the force that heals.

10. Ask and Communicate What You Need

Within these uncertain times, we find ourselves closeness with family members, romantically involved people, or roommates near can bring discord or disagreements. Learn to communicate what you need; do the same for the other person. Remember, when a conflict arises, notice your breathing, maintain a calm state, and seek to understand where the other person is coming from. Learn to agree to disagree with others as life is too short for conflict with those you live close to.

11. Yes, Even Bathing Soothes Our Mood

I find that taking a shower or a soaking bath can be a very soothing practice. I encourage my clients to imagine not only cleansing their bodies but their energy as well. Buy and use natural soaps to calm you and wash away any negativity or fear that has accumulated …

let it all wash out and down the drain. After you are done with your bath, dry off and use a lotion and imagine rubbing love all over you. Feel the self-love sinking in until you are completely refreshed and feeling good—follow-up by wearing clothing that feels soft and nice against your skin.

Now let’s review.
Notice how you are feeling through the day by checking in with yourself, and if at any moment you need some time for yourself, take a break. Your peace is important, and how you feel should become a priority.

You deserve to have someone looking out for you, be that person for yourself. Self-love has to come from within YOU first, just as self-care is vital to have peace and serenity.

~Catherine Lyon, Advocate

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